Inonu University, was established in 1975 after it was accepted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly and the Republic Senate with the ‘Inonu University Law’ by law no 1872 and was published in the official gazette. It has been providing educational services since the 1976-1977 academic year.Until 1984, our university carried on its activities at a building which is  ‘Sadreddin Konevî Anadolu İmam Hatip Lisesi’ now. Since the 1984-1985 academic year it has been on the current campus and has been improving.  

Inonu University which is one of the most respectable and well-established universities of the country has 14 Faculties (It will be 16 once the separation of the Science and Literature faculties are done), 2 Colleges including the State Conservatory, 4 Vocational Schools, 6 Institutions, 1 Technocity, 24 Research and Practice centers including Turgut Ozal Medical Center and has about 41.000 students. It is 10 km away from the city center and has a 7000 decares central campus in addition to the Malatya Vocational School campus and Malatya OSB Vocational School campus.  

Our university which has been developing and growing since 1975, has over 90.000 graduates and raised thousands of individuals who had proved themselves in fields like science, philosophy, art, economy and social sciences. Inonu University continues  adding to the bright future of the country from the East to the West with its high educational standards and its momentum growth of success.

As well as its qualified educational foundations the campus area provides students with multipurpose cultural centers, social facilities, sports and recreation centers, giving them the opportunity to spend their leisure time in the best way. It also one of the leading universities in Turkey with its ‘A Campus with no Disabilities’ project and educational and practical centers for the disabled.

3.300 students in total are provided with sheltering in our campus. There is a public dorm for female students with a capacity of 2500 and another one for 805 male students.

We also have two museums in our campus: Inonu museum, which was opened in the memory of  the great statesmen Ismet Inonu who gave his name to our university and Turgut Özal Museum in which another great statesmen 8. President of Turkey Turgut Özal’s(who gave his name to the Turgut Ozal Medical Center) special belongings are displayed.

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