About us

About us

İnönü University Faculty of Law is founded by the Turkish Government with cabinet decision number 2009/15035 (Official Gazette dated 23.06.2009, no. 27267) pursuant to a proposal made by The Council of Higher Education on 31.03.2008. Upon inception, the Faculty admitted in its first intake 113 students to the undergraduate program in the academic year, 2010-2011. By year 2018-2019, there are 996 students enrolled in the postgraduate course, of whom 41 students are foreign nationals. In addition to the postgraduate courses, the Faculty  initiated a postgraduate program in public law areas in 2016.

Our Mission

We aim to offer a high quality of education to prepare our students for legal profession. After graduation most of our students prefer moving into legal practice while others take the entrance examination to eventually qualify as a judge or join the public prosecutor's office. For that reason, our undergraduate program is designed to equip our students with a necessary theoretical and practical knowledge with competitive edge to become high achievers. To this end, our legal education is based on high quality standards and academic traditions recognised nationally and internationally. We strive to deliver effective and efficient means of education driven by objectivity in scientific research with an institutional culture based invariably on transparency and accountability. We never compromise on our modern secular democratic values and respect for human rights, the rule of law and non-discrimination, which our curriculum purports to enable students internalise to become enlightened lawyers adaptable to changing circumstances of contemporary legal thinking.

Our vision

In accordance with our mission statement, our purpose is to enhance the quality of undergraduate education, introduce new delivery means and teaching techniques and diversify the course content to reflect modern developments in legal education. Added to it, we intend to offer a more specialised postgraduate program in general public law with an emphasis on course subjects of international significance so as to enable our postgraduate students to gain a skillset, ability and expertise as legal practitioners. Apart from teaching, we set ourselves to achieve excellence in academic research and publications to advance legal studies in Turkey.

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