About Us

Our Mission & Vission

Our office that was set up as the European Union Office within the chancellery in 2004 was named as International Office in December, 2009. International Office functions for our university to benefit and actively take part in the European Union Education and Youth programs, grant projects and programs, and indirectly to broaden international vision of the university.

The mission of the International Office: Educate individuals who produce and use information and technology at a universal level, who use information and communication technologies in the educational environments, who develop a modern culture by giving education at an international science and education standards, who teach learning and team work, who provide interaction between students and faculty members; as a researcher, participator, and sharing university; to educate individuals who are respectful to their own values, who are rationalist, judging, thinking, producing, sensitive to the people, country and environment, social, intellectual, and enterprising.

The vision of our office is to be a university which contributes to the works aiming to raise the life-quality of the people living in the region, nation and the world; via producing, sharing and using information by the help of formal, multi-medial education, teaching and studies at the international level.

Authorization & Responsibilities

The main work item of the International Office is to conduct and coordinate exchange and grant projects within the Youth Training Schemes. In this sense, our duty is to provide the vacation for the upcoming students, and to deal with the procedures of the exchange students. Our office informs the students /faculty members of the Inonu University about the projects and programs in question; as well as conducting the procedures for the new projects /mutual agreements in coordination with the people concerned in the Office.

International Office