Candidate Students

Admission Requirements for International/Foreign Students




In order to apply to the undergraduate and associate degree departments of our university, the applicants must have taken the YÖS exam organized by our university.




The conditions to be sought for Turkish nationals residing abroad and foreign nationals applying for graduate programs are as follows:

a) Foreign nationals from countries with a cultural agreement between them and Turkey; The applicants who wish to study at the graduate level in their own account apply to the directorate of the institute with the certificates that they have taken during their education and the documents showing their success grades and their officially approved Turkish translations.


b) Foreign language is Turkish for foreign applicants. Candidates who obtained Turkish proficiency certificate from Turkish teaching centers or departments of other universities and those who have achieved Turkish courses or exams of the Turkish Language Teaching Application and Research Center are exempted from Turkish. Candidates who do not have Turkish proficiency certificate must have Turkish Language Proficiency Level determined according to European Common Language Criteria in Turkish Language Assessment Level to be made by Turkish University Application and Research Center. Candidates who certify that they have completed a Bachelor's or Master's degree in a Turkish language course are exempted from the Turkish language examination.


c) For foreign students, foreign language success is not required.


d) Candidates applying for doctorate programs must obtain a score of at least 55 points from the YDS or a score equivalent to that from the OSYM. (Amended R.G. 28.11.2018)

e) Foreign applicants who are exempted from the Turkish language examination take the interview for their field of study.


f) The application and admission conditions of foreign candidates who have a foreign language and literature in the field of science or who apply to the graduate programs which are taught in a completely foreign language are determined by the proposal of the board of department, the decision of the institute board and the approval of the Senate.


(2) The principles for the evaluation of applications are as follows:


a) The placement score of the applicants applying to the master's or doctoral programs as a bachelor's degree, who take oral interview exam and who are exempt from the Turkish level examination exam; 50% of the undergraduate GPA and 50% of the oral interview score.


b) For successful applicants who are admitted to master's or doctoral programs as a bachelor's degree and enter Turkish level examination, the placement score is 30% of the undergraduate graduation GPA, 20% of the Turkish language exam score and 50% of the oral interview score.


c) Four-year undergraduate graduates who want to apply directly for doctoral programs should get a placement score from ALES or equivalent exam at least 80, undergraduate graduation grade 3 out of 4 point or equivalent, foreign language score as YDS or YÖK national or international equivalents foreign language exams must be at least 65 points.


d) In order to apply as a bachelor's degree to doctoral programs, it is required to graduate from one of the five- or six-year undergraduate education programs.


e) The placement score for the applicants who are admitted to the PhD programs as a graduate and exempt from the Turkish level examination is 25% of the undergraduate graduation GPA, 25% of the graduate GPA, and 50% of the oral interview score. For the successful applicants who have applied to the PhD programs as a master's degree and have passed the Turkish language test, the placement score is the sum of 15% of the undergraduate graduation GPA, 15% of the graduate graduation GPA, 20% of the Turkish language exam score and 50% of the oral interview score.


f) The lowest oral interview score for the placement score for applicants to master's programs must be over 50 out of 100 points, 60 out of 100 full scores for applicants to doctoral programs.


g) Students who are placed within the international student quota and have a minimum placement score of at least 60 for master students and 65 for doctorate program placement score are ranked from the highest to the lowest. Candidates who apply with equivalence Turkish language certificate can register to the programs they apply, others gain conditional registration rights till they get the language certificate. The applicants wo did not enter the program can be substitute applicant, the ranking of these applicants are determined as reserve and announced by the related directorate. In case of equality in the rankings, priority is given to the candidate whose final graduation score is high.


(3) The candidates are registered in the program after obtaining the opinion of YÖK regarding the recognition of the institutions in which they have been enrolled. In case of negative feedback, the records are canceled.


(4) The registration of the candidates shall be made by the relevant graduate school.


(5) The applications of Turkish citizens residing abroad shall be evaluated and finalized as applications of foreign applicants if they prove that they have resided abroad for the last five years.




Undergraduate and associate degree departments are placed in the placement of the result of YÖS. The winning candidates register at the Registrar's Office together with the following documents.

Documents required for registration:


• Original copy of high school diploma or temporary graduation certificate and Turkish translation approved by notary public or Turkish Foreign Representatives,


• High school diploma, T.C. The original of the equivalence certificate obtained from the Ministry of National Education Provincial National Education Directorates or Turkish Foreign Representatives,


• The document indicating the date of commencement and graduation of high school education (to be obtained from the school of graduation)


• Those who are TRNC nationals who are residing in TRNC and who have completed GCE AL exam results in TRNC, and who have or will have GCE AL exam results by registering and studying in other countries' colleges and high schools between 2005-2010, and having GCE AL exam results. Notarized or certified copy of the Turkish translation by Turkish Foreign Representatives,


• YÖS result document,


• Notarized or certified copies of the pages of the Passport showing the identity information and validity period of the passport and the Turkish translation,


• Residence certificate (must be submitted to the related student office within one month from the date of registration),


• Six 4.5 × 6.0 cm photos (in the last six months, from the front, should be able to easily identify the island.)


• Bank receipt showing that the tuition fee has been paid to the bank (2018-2019 Tuition fees),

• Signed Livelihood Assurance


Even if the exact records of the falsified, forged, incomplete and wrong documents submitted during the application, placement and registration process have been made, the transactions made are canceled and legal action is taken.