Welcome to İnönü University International Student Office (INU-ISO) website. INU-ISO is a unit established to provide assistance to the international students who are studying or planning to study at our unirversity along with their application, preference and registration processes and also throughout their education life.in our university.



Having established in Malatya (a city with its natural, historical and cultural abundance and an important place in history pages for years), our university draws strength from the presence of international students in order to realize its goal of becoming a world university. A total number of 1287 students from Asia, Europe, America and Africa are studying at the different departments of associatee, undergraduate and graduate level.




Living in a foreign country and being a student presents some challenges as well as an exciting adventure. With our experience and knowledge, we are working to provide all kinds of support in overcoming the difficulties international students may face.


We look forward to welcoming you to our university and office for a qualified, scientific and joyful education.