Preferred transactions will be done ( automation
Preference results are announced at
Applicants may choose up to five different programs.

Faculty of Medicine -80
Faculty of Dentistry- 75,
Faculty of Law-70
Faculty of Pharmacy -70
Faculty of Health Sciences -65
Faculty of Engineering-60
Health Services Vocational School-60

* There is no threshold for other sections.

The quotas in the application of the foreign students in 2019:

İnönü YÖS;

İnönü YÖS and other YÖSs in the second installation;

In the third installation, İnönü YÖS, other YÖS and other International Examinations (SAT, ABİTUR, ACT, AZERBAIJAN Ü.S.);

The procedures and principles of application and placement for the quotas which are left empty as a result of the placement procedures are determined by the kalan Evaluation and Examination Commission Yer.

You can apply to the foreign quotas of our university with İNÖNÜ YÖS or the YÖS of the following universities.

1. Istanbul University
2. Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University
3. Akdeniz University
4. Uludağ University
5. Karadeniz Technical University
6. Atatürk University
* Applicants who do not have a validation code will not be accepted.

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