The documents required for registration are:

a) Turkish translation of high school diploma or provisional graduation certificate and Turkish translation approved by notary or Turkish Foreign Representatives,

b) High school diploma, T.C. The Ministry of National Education Provincial National Education Directorates or the original of the Certificate of Equity,

c) GCE AL result of those who have TRNC citizenship and who have GCE AL test results who have completed their secondary education in TRNC and who have enrolled in and are enrolled in colleges and high schools in other countries between 2005-2010. a copy of the Turkish version of the certificate and its Turkish translation approved by a notary or Turkish Foreign Representatives,

d) YÖS result document,

e) A certified copy of the pages of the Passport showing the identity information and the validity period and of the Turkish translation by the notary or Turkish Foreign Representatives,
f) Certificate of residence (must be delivered to the student office within one month from the date of registration),

g) Six (4,5 × 6,0 cm) photographs (in the last six months, from the front, should be drawn so as to be able to easily identify the candidate),

ğ) Bank receipt showing that the tuition fee has been deposited to the related bank,
Signed Livelihood Declaration,

Even if the final registration of the falsified, fraudulent, incomplete and wrong document submitters has been made during the application, placement and registration process, the transactions are canceled and legal action is taken.

Tuition Fees for 2019-2020 Academic Year are Not Specified yet.

1) Turkish qualifications of those who are placed in programs;
a) The success of the Turkish proficiency exam by Inönü TÖMER at the beginning of the academic year,

b) Turkish Language Proficiency Certificate obtained from TOMERs of İnönü University or other universities,

c) Determined by the Turkish Language Proficiency Certificate given by Yunus Emre Institute.

2) Turkish proficiency levels organized according to the European Language Portfolio are given below.

a) (C1 and C2) Level: Turkish level is sufficient. Registration is registered to the program.

b) (B2) Level: Turkish level is not enough, but can be improved. Turkish courses on the condition that the right to enroll in the program is registered. The student must certify that he / she has raised the Turkish level to C1 level at the latest until the beginning of the third academic year. Those who cannot raise their level of Turkish language to C1 level until the beginning of the third academic year at the latest cannot continue their education until they reach the level of language (C1).

c) (A1, A2 and B1) Level: Turkish level is insufficient. He / she should take Turkish preparatory course for one year. Students are obliged to learn Turkish in a year. Students who do not certify that they raise their Turkish language to at least B2 level cannot continue their programs. Students who certify that they raise their Turkish to at least B2 level can start their education in their programs. However, at the latest until the beginning of the third school year, the level of Turkish should be documented to increase to C1 level.

3) These conditions; A Turkish high schools from abroad who have graduated from a high school in Turkey or abroad or foreign nationals also applies for students.

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